Metro-Canto Pop

Playlist prepared by CHEN Yanyi

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Dating in a Few Minutes (1980) – Danny Chan

A male passenger is imagining a romance with a lady — another passenger who may take the same train almost everyday. To the man, MTR gives him a nice journey even though the “date” may end suddenly. Will they meet again?


This song has some funny or even sarcastic adaptations by some netizens)

An Encounter of Rejection by the MTR2015

The song tells different treatments of the MTR Corporation towards passengers with “large-sized” (in an ambiguous sense) object(s), for example, musical instruments, balls or suitcases.   


MTR is a Bad Guy (2011)

The song includes complaints about delay, ticket price and unsatisfactory discount, as well as MTR’s sex with HK government. However, to meet with a bus jam is even worse…


Flying with Deep Breath – Gigi Leung

Hold tight to your dreams, and let us fly in the castle underground, shall we?


Seize the day and listen to how your heart beats. Carpe Diem!


Destination (2001) – Cecilia Cheung

I shall fly to you in a flash! Surprises of encounter burst in every trip with MTR.


Dancing in Time (2002) Bobo Chan & Tiffany Lee

Will you fall in love with me much earlier if I take the train of love? It must be so!


We’ll Meet Again (2003)

An encounter with you for 12 stations’ time makes me feel close to you, are you happy now? Will we meet again?


Tung Chung Biyori (2004) – Shine

As a sea of windows, the MTR can lead us, the poor couple, to our delicious dreams.


Together We Grow Up – Joey Yung

We still have many distance to go. Please share with me in every length of the life journey.


To the Passengers on Board at the Admiralty (2010) – Lam Ah P

In a station as crowded as Admiralty, why the passengers on board not move inside so that the passengers on the platform may enter the train. Why the older generation, the once idealists, not do something for the younger generation? Could change be possible?