Our confirmed instructors include:


Anna Greenspan is assistant professor at NYU Shanghai. She holds an MA and PhD from Warwick University (UK) and a BA from the University of Toronto. Anna Greenspan’s research interests are in continental philosophy, cyberculture, and urban Asia. Her books include India and the IT Revolution: Networks of Globalization (Palgrave, 2005) and Shanghai Future: Modernity Remade (Hurst/Oxford University Press, 2014). She is a co-founder of the Shanghai Studies Society ( and Hacked Matter (


Anne Jarrigeon is Assistant Professor at the Paris School of Urbanism. She holds a PhD from the Sorbonne Paris-IV and works as an anthropologist and videographer. Her research comprises the practices and representations of mobility with a focus on the usage of material infrastructures and technical devices. The role of the body is central to her research as she develops a poetic anthropological of the urban experience. She is in charge of the research Labex group (National Research Grant) called ‘Urban Futures’ and a coordinator of the LVMT chapter (City Mobility Transport Lab) on ‘Urban Imaginaries’.

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